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Healing Trauma with Holistic Approaches 

Balancing Rocks

Trauma Yoga Therapy 

  • When you book with me, I will help with strategies in overcoming trauma with a customized therapeutic yoga program that works for you. I can help with individual, family sessions.

  • At its heart, yoga therapy is about self-regulation.

  • ​I have trauma yoga therapy session for kids with sensory processing, autism spectrum, ADD/ADHD, development delays, and children with physical challenges.

  • Tools you will get:

  • Breathing strategies  

  • Body awareness

  • Self-regulation

  • Learning emotions

  •                    Calm                     

  • Sensations  

Rock Balancing

Parenting Classes
Individual / Group

Love & Logic for Trauma

Love & Logic for Infants and Toddlers 

Love & Logic for Special Needs 

Nurturing Parenting for Recovery

Nurturing Parenting Skills

Teen Programs

Parents and Adolescents-is designed to repair  parent-teen relationships.

Its All About Being a Teen-is a dynamic interactive curriculum designed to increase positive self-worth, personal empowerment, self-discipline, empathy, healthy attachments, and resilient-protective behaviors.

Supervised Visitations 

Implementing Parenting Class

Water drops near a stack of stones
Zen Stones

           Yoga for Recovery

Yoga is a mindfulness activity that can help people deal with stressful situations, including those involving addiction and recovery. The practice uses physical and mental techniques to target the part of the brain affected by substance use disorders and to reduce drug cravings. It may be most effective when used alongside therapy.

Mindfulness skills for Addiction

Managing addiction requires learning to live every day in the moment, one minute at a time. This mindfulness session gives you the tools you need to ground yourself in the present and create a healthier mindset, so you’re less likely to fall back into addictive behaviors.

Providing a holistic overview, helps you adjust your response to life’s challenges with simple meditations and exercises that teach you how to live in the present. You’ll find ways to increase your self-awareness and better understand your triggers as you learn skills that help you foster honesty and compassion toward yourself. No matter what kind of dependency you’re facing, equip yourself for the challenges ahead.

  • Master mindfulness―Learn the basics with the seven pillars of mindfulness: the beginner’s mind, non-judgment, acceptance, patience, trust, non-striving, and letting go.

  • Open to all―Discover ways you can use mindfulness to successfully manage addictive behaviors, whether you are new to it or have practiced extensively.

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