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Mental health professions and yoga therapy are complementary therapies. They work well together, and each provides a missing piece that the other cannot offer on its own. Yoga therapists address physiological & safety needs by creating a foundation of internal physiological stability upon which the higher levels of Maslow's hierarchy can be built.


Yoga therapy is its own science which demands a professional level of expertise earned through years of study, research, and practice, as well as financial and temporal investments. To complete a yoga therapy program, one must complete a mandatory mentorship program and multiple fieldwork experiences. Yoga therapists have extensive training including anatomy, physiology, yoga as a science, biofeedback, neuroscience for sensory & pain processes, interception processes, and breathwork. 


Yoga therapists continue their studies throughout their careers and must fulfill annual continuing education requirements.  Additionally, yoga therapy for trauma is an advanced specialization that requires continued study, assessment, and supervision. 

Yoga therapy sessions with me are not meant to be informal methods to train mental health professionals in body-based techniques to implement within their own practices.


Sessions booked with me are designed specifically for the individual client's needs and the techniques I use are not meant to be generalized to or widely applied to other individuals who are not in the session with me or individuals who have not been  assessed by me. This would be highly dangerous and unethical. I reserve the right to refuse services to individuals who I determine to be attempting to informally train with me by booking yoga therapy sessions. 


The yoga therapy components of my one-on-one, sessions, are based on my therapeutic yoga training, healing from my own trauma and variety of different certifications, not resulting from my status as an CTYT.

Yoga sessions, with me, Rebecka Perfitt, are intended to improve your level of overall health and well-being, and healing from trauma.


The instruction, information and advice presented by me is in no way meant to be a substitute for counseling from your social worker/therapist. If you have questions about your physical or psychological state, please contact the appropriate licensed health or mental health professional. Please consult your doctor before beginning this series or any other healthcare series.

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