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Partner Yoga Therapy

While looking at the poses, I was able to identify which ones would trigger me and say no. That no was respected. I was then able to clearly and effectively communicate what I needed, and what couldn’t happen, in the approved poses. Not only was that accepted, nobody made fun of me. When I asked to be released from a pose, it happened without hesitation. I was never overpowered. I chose to go into poses with whoever I wanted. I knew these choices would mentally hurt, but I chose to trust instead of becoming defensive. When feeling overwhelmed, or about to, I used my partner to regulate and balance. Instead of thinking how I could be hurt, most of my thoughts were about how this felt good. Changing abusive conditioning is exhausting, and I feel like there was some mourning for what I lost. But after that passed, it’s exhilarating and freeing. I feel lighter.


Yoga Therapy

 Rebecka is incredibly attentive and compassionate. She spent time visiting with me about my needs and what I had hoped to get out of our session. She ensured I was comfortable and that I felt safe, as someone with anxiety this is major for me. She is truly a calm and grounding yoga instructor and I can't wait to meet with her again. I'd highly recommend her to anyone on their healing journey. 


Family Yoga Therapy

I am a mother of 9 and having services in my home is HUGE for me. Rebecka came over yesterday to work with my family for the first time, it was complete chaos(my life)! All of my kiddos have experienced some kind of trauma in their life, have anxiety/spd/hard time regulating etc, Rebecka was AMAZING. I felt calm and collected by mid way of our session, she gave me tools to use in our daily life, my kiddos continued what we learned through out our day. I can't wait for our weekly visits❤

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