Thank you!

I want to thank all my family and friends that continue to support me in this new journey with my Trauma informed yoga.

Some ask or are hesitant to try yoga or support it. Many have said its buddhist. Well it’s not it’s a practice. Buddhist practice it heavily. Some ask if I’m Buddhist , I am not. I am a Christian, Wife, Mother. I’m a trauma Survivor. I’m a supporter in foster care, I’m a mother to autistic kiddo, I’m a mother to twins with sensory processing disorder, I’m a fighter for mental health, I’m someone trying to help others through healing!

I’ve been doing yoga for awhile (7yrs). And to see the benefits it has, has been huge. Am I fixed NO! But I will tell you when some big major stuff came our way this year I was able to get through it with my faith and trauma informed yoga.

So here is my question. Why don’t we hesitate to take medication that has a list of side effects? When Narcotics are being prescribed for anxiety we take them with no hesitation. (I AM NOT SAYING DONT TAKE MEDICINE)

There is hesitation in natural healing. Hesitation in yoga.

I’m not saying yoga fixes all and you won’t need some medication. But what I am saying is Learning you feelings, and working through them is huge! What if your anxiety was controlled by breath work rather than medication? What if you felt a power of confidence through forms of movements?

I’m going to end there. If you could please help promote my page and get word out about Trauma Informed Yoga I’d greatly appreciate it! Love to you all! We are all on a journey! We are all worth it!!


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