Everyone has a mountain to climb!

I turned 40 this year! I have struggled with my weight and anxiety for many years. I had stepped on the scale on June 21st, 2018 and cried. How did I let this happen? Luckily I had an appointment to see my doctor about antidepressants and my weight. (again) I also wanted to talk to her about going on a diet. (keto to be exact). As I was at a low (1 of many) I cried in her office. I had never weighed that much. I talk to the doctor about the keto diet and she informed me that we had had many conversations about diet and I never stuck to one. She told me I was a good candidate for weight-loss surgery. I had asked some questions took a pamphlet and said I’d check with our insurance. As I left that day I told myself I was going to do keto for six months one to prove her wrong(Because that’s what it was all about) but that if there was no results within six months I would do the surgery.

So I say this because this is just the start of the bottom of my mountain I had to climb.

I’m almost a year in and have lost 55 pounds! You maybe asking what does this have to do with trauma? Well, one of the ways I was dealing with my trauma was by overeating, not eating what was good for me. And becoming depressed. I wasn’t regulating my own emotions.

I’m not going to say what you should or shouldn’t do. I’m sharing some of my story or journey and what has helped me. I hope in sharing it may help you. Whether it’s just you knowing you’re not alone. I will get more into the trauma and what I do to work through it. Hopefully, you stick around for more to come!

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